When timing is critical, use Critical Mail.

critical-mail_01Critical Mail is a new convenient shipping option for Priority Mail Commercial Plus mailers. It’s a great way to send critical documents, tickets, and other important items at reasonable price without sacrificing delivery reliability and security. It includes Track & Confirm service at no additional cost, so mailers can track their mailpieces and confirm delivery. This new product is a sub class of Priority Mail, and is available for automation-compatible letters and flats.

Perfect For

  • Tickets
  • Documents
  • Urget Items
  • Direct Mail pieces

Features & Benefits

  • Tracking
  • Fast and consistent delivery
  • High Value / Low Cost
  • Secure
  • Opened First
  • Predicatable 1-3 day Delivery
  • USPS Critical Mail branded provided envelopes
  • Delivery on first attempt.

Fullfillment of Thin Products

  • Tickets
  • Gift Cards
  • Debit/Credit Cards and PIN mailings
  • Photographs or proofs
  • Gift and Membership Cards

Critical Documents and Notices

  • Military orders, id cards, passports
  • Product recalls
  • Service cancellation warnings
  • Late payment notices
  • High School/College transcripts
  • Insurances